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Share. Learn. Grow. These three words capture the essence of Varsity Blah. This online student Eugene Yiganewspaper is a place for you to express your thoughts and opinions about anything you want; from news and entertainment to the complexities of everyday life.

I’ve always been passionate about writing. It’s the reason I wrote Work in Progress (see below for download) and ultimately created Varsity Blah. With so much going on in the world, there’s no reason (or excuse) not to be part of a discussion that actually matters.

So, please tell your friends, sign up for our feed, and get ready for the start of something special. It’s going to be huge! Are you in?

-Eugene Yiga (Editor, Varsity Blah)

August 2007

(To download your completely free copy of the South African or International edition of Work in Progress, right-click and save the relevant link. Then open, enjoy, and repeat as needed.)